I’m Maria and I’m a book addict.

I love books, I want books, but, mostly I need books! I need them to keep me sane, to make me better, to make me feel and to make me think.

You may not know it, but you need books, too!

The world would be a lot better if everyone would enjoy reading! 🥰

My mission is to make you read just a little bit, every day.

If I also inspire you to learn something new, I am happy.

I understand not everyone enjoyed books from a young age. That makes it more difficult to make reading your habit. If you have a hard time taking up reading, I am here for you!

Join my Discord channel and let’s read together!

I’m currently interested in classics, psychology, philosophy, history and historical fiction, romance, fiction and science-fiction. That’s a lot! If I missed anything, I’m probably interested in that too!

The world is wonderful and books make it even easier to discover its wonders!

Maria, book addict, active on all socials (but prefer Twitter)

On my Discord channel I regularly hold group/buddy reads! Everyone is welcome! (This is the invite: https://discord.gg/GjgEbtxkB3)

If you prefer reviews and generally bookish content in video format, I also started a Youtube channel.

I am currently accepting books to review in the genres mentioned above. If you are interested in sending me a book, use the contact form to tell me all about it. Please, assume not all reviews will be positive. I will be completely honest in my opinions. I will also mention trigger warnings, even though they may contain spoilers, but that will generally be the only kind of spoiler I do.

I am also a beta reader. If you’d like me to help with fresh eyes on your work, check out my Fiverr profile.