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It Ends With Us

If what you’re looking for is a mad, passionate and tragic love, this book is for you!

I’m talking about “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover.

If you don’t know who Colleen Hoover is, have you been living on planet Earth in the last 5 years?

If you know Colleen Hoover, you may be wondering why everyone seems so obsessed with her books. This book is why. At least one of the reasons. The other one is definitely “Verity”, which I loved and view as a modern, steamy Rebecca.

Trigger warnings are big for domestic abuse. Beware!

Summary of It Ends With Us

This is the story of Lily. After her father’s funeral, while on a roof top, she happens to meet Ryle, a young, handsome, successful doctor. They fall in love passionately and their story is beautiful. It has all the right amounts of romance, humor and passion. Passion meaning, in this case, sex 🙂

Ryle seems perfect in every way. I almost fell in love with him myself! He does everything right and it fits the ideal stereotype of a bad boy turned good. He also has the perfect sister, who becomes Lily’s best friend. And all that ends the day Lily faces a boy from her past, a childhood love – Atlas, another perfect man.

This girl seems to be the luckiest one in the world, right? Well… of course, problems start to show up. After all, it is difficult to decide between two hot, perfect men.

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I’m not going to spoil a thing more, as part of the charm is the way the entire story unravels, but I will say this – it all kept me excited and brought me to tears several times. The roller coaster of emotions, the easiness of the read…I loved it all. I could read a thousand more like this because every part of it was just perfect.

All characters spoke to me. I felt immersed and finished the whole book in one sitting.

I also read about how the author was inspired by her own life events for the ugly parts and it does seem all too genuine. Some may see it as too real, I think it’s how books are supposed to be. The best ones allow you to experience even traumatizing events and put yourself in a character’s shoes. I view it as the best way to become more compassionate, empathetic, less judgmental and generally a better person. This is something “It Ends With Us” has done for me.


Absolutely none. Of course, I’m not triggered by the traumas in this book and I know this may be a problem for a lot of people. Scenes are very descriptive with violent behaviour.

If that is not an issue for you, please, please read this book! It’s something so many people go through and we should definitely be more aware of these types of situations. The tale is gripping, the romance is full of passion, the dual storyline augments the tension and you’ll fall in love with every character!

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I cannot recommend this book enough! It was simply a perfect read!

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